Bobby & Abbie's Backyard BBQ Pool Party Wedding

I am so, so, SO excited to share this wedding with you all today on my blog. I met Bobby a few years ago through the theatre scene in Baltimore City, and following that, he asked me to take his headshots. A few months before his wedding this year, he and Abbie e-mailed me with a "total shot-in-the-dark" question - would I be available to shoot their wedding on July 25th, 2015?

They added: it's going to be an informal, backyard bbq pool party wedding.

Bobby and Abbie were married at a longtime friend's home in Frederick, MD. The weather was perfect; sunny and warm (but not too warm), the colors were vibrant, and the vows were short and sweet: "you ride, I ride. You die, I die." If you don't recognize these... they're from the 7th installment of the Fast & the Furious movies.

Without further ado... Bobby & Abbie's wedding.

France 2015

The question I always grapple with on any trip is: what camera do I bring? In the past, I've always lugged around my digital cameras for unlimited shooting. This trip, however, I decided to bring my 35mm camera - the one I began my business with. With 2 rolls of color film, I loved capturing the beauty of Provence and Paris. Enjoy!


I met NYC Soprano Noelle McMurtry at a wedding back in October of last year. She expressed interest in doing photos with me, and a few months later, I got a call from her that she was ready to shoot. We extensively talked over wardrobe, look, and colors for her brand. 

Yes - your brand as a musician or actor is important. Check out the great images we created together.

MUAH by Danielle Robinette.

Favorite images from the past few months

These past few weeks, I've been going through some of my archives in an attempt to get a bit more organized. I've stumbled upon some of my favorite images from the last few months of 2014. I know it's late, but I hope 2015 is your best year yet. Enjoy!

Fun with Wes

People often ask me, "what's a shoot with Britt Olsen-Ecker like?"

The answer? Fun.

The proof is below. Wes and I had a blast at her shoot last week.

Wes Thompson_0077.jpg
Wes Thompson_0175.jpg
Wes Thompson_0178.jpg

Shoshana & Brent - May 18th, 2014

I've decided that small weddings are da bomb.

Shoshana and Brent's beautiful wedding at Cinghiale Osteria (Harbor East, Baltimore) is proof. It was especially meaningful for them to get married there, as they had gotten engaged at the same spot 5 months earlier.

I have known Shoshana now for almost 9 years. Our friendship bloomed at Peabody over countless hours of watching reruns of the TV shows Alias and 24, and I was thrilled to be asked to photograph her special day.

Enjoy some of my favorite moments.

(Simply click on the photos below to 'slide' from one photo to the next.)

To all my friends with beards...

Derek Brown, a friend and colleague of mine from the Baltimore Rock Opera Society, contacted me a few weeks ago for headshots. But what he wanted was very different than the usual.

He asked me if we could split the shoot into two segments; the first with his glorious, well kempt beard; and the second clean shaven.

I thought it was a cool idea. The result was even cooler! I haven't really known Derek without a beard, so the before and after was remarkable.

To all my friends with beards... I'm offering a special. Two have already taken already taken advantage of it, so get in touch soon!

Lisi Stoessel - set designer, puppeteer, creator.

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Lisi Stoessel ( this past week. When she approached me about photos, she didn't want the typical "headshot session" that I offer. Of course, I was up to the challenge.

What followed was one of the most creative, fun, and exciting shoots I've ever done. We traveled to a sculpture warehouse that is owned by a dear friend in West Baltimore, and took over. At one point, Lisi said to me, "I love playing dress up." 

Enjoy some of my favorites from Lisi's shoot.

Live from New York - it's Charisma!

I was lucky enough to be invited to photograph Ruth Sherman's ( live event, Charisma! in NYC. It's been a 3 day learning marathon on how to catapult your business with video. Here are some of my favorite shots. 

*ok, yeah, she's my mom. But hey, it was fun and an awesome experience.


Ruth dancing her way to the stage to Pharell's "Happy."

Ruth dancing her way to the stage to Pharell's "Happy."

Ruth coaching Cheryl Lazarus on how to look directly into the camera.

Ruth coaching Cheryl Lazarus on how to look directly into the camera.

Three of Ruth's sponsors and colleagues - from L to R Pat Mussieux, Matthew Goldfarb, and Mara Glazer.

Three of Ruth's sponsors and colleagues - from L to R Pat Mussieux, Matthew Goldfarb, and Mara Glazer.